The Block Beattaz is a production unit founded in 1999 by Leigthon "Mali Boi" Hicks and Cory "CP" Parham as part of the record label, Slow Motion Soundz. Originating as a two-man team, The Block Beattaz have consistently produced music that has been recognized both stateside and internationally. Their work has  seen national exposure from major television networks such as ABC, BET and MTV, to name a few, and they are also credited with crafting the regional sound of North Alabama. More specifically, they are the "Founding Fathers of Huntsville Hip Hop". The Block Beattaz bass heavy but well orchestrated sound has sometimes been described as surreal or spacey. It is clearly southern but very progressive. The Block Beattaz sound is instantly recognizable but also constantly reinvented and boundary pushing. They have developed a knack for creating cinematic music that can convey a range of emotion. The Block Beattaz collective now consists of 10 members including Fadel, R. Dot, PT Primetime, ATX, DJ Cunta, Cees, 118 & Bossman. They have collaborated with national recording artists such as T.I., Rick Ross, Yelawolf, Stalley, Freddie Gibbs, Mike Posner and more. Their production has been featured in films, televison and video games. The Block Beattaz also develop and provide the soundscape for artists currently on the Slow Motion Soundz roster, which includes  G-Side, Kristmas, Zilla, PT, S.L.A.S.H., Bentley & singer Joi Tiffany. While already equipped with an impressive resume and back catolog of production credits, The Block Beattaz are still in the infant stages of what they intend to be a long, successful run. Expect to hear much more from and about the Block Beattaz brand as they continue to make history.